Military Challenge Bibles for Cadets, Mids, & Vets

Free Military Challenge Bibles for Cadets, Mids, & Vets from American Bible Society 

  • Provided free for your cadets, mids, & veterans
  • These are only for cadets, mids, veterans & ROTC/service academy cadre (military staff)
  • You must order with a email
  • Cadets and non-staff, ask your Valor regional coach or local campus staff to order these for you
  • There are 24 Bibles/case and that is the most cost effective way to order, but smaller quantities are OK (ie. don’t order a case of USMC Bibles when you have just two Marines in your Valor movement
  • Please be good stewards-only order what you need


Military Challenge Bibles contain the Basic Training Challenge and are compact size (4 ¼” x 6”). This new challenge contains 75 readings, covering 5 different topics of 15 readings:
1. The Commanders Bio
2. How it all Started
3. Prophets and Poets
4. The Church
5. Mail Call
The Basic Training Bible is the English Standard Version (ESV) and available in all four branch covers.  There is a website called “Military Bible Challenge” where you can read the Bible and interact with one another virtually. It’s like having your quiet time with your group.  When someone finishes the study, they mail in the postage-paid response card in the back of the Bible to receive a Challenge coin.

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